Help Save African Penguins from extinction.

BirdLife South Africa and partners have been working towards establishing a new African Penguin colony on the mainland of South Africa. Establishing a colony will help conserve this endangered and iconic African species. Part of the project involves monitoring the sites that we’re interested in because we need to know what predators there are in the area. To do this, camera traps will set up around the sites to take photos of the potential penguin predators. These cameras will also be essential as the colony becomes established to monitor predator incursions and the presence and behaviour of penguins at the site.

BirdLife South Africa and Nature’s Valley Trust have launched a crowd funding campaign on Experiment, a platform for funding scientific research to raise funds for the predator monitoring study. The target is $5,400 to buy the cameras and other equipment (batteries, security boxes etc.). As of 3 August we are 30% of the way to the target and have 15 days to go, so we need your help! Please help us get the rest of the way by donating and spreading the word to friends and colleagues.

To learn more about this initiative please read the media release by BirdLife South Africa by clicking here.

You can learn more and donate at

Contact Christina Hagen ( or 083 301 8765) for more details.

Christina Hagen

Pamela Isdell Fellow of Penguin Conservation

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