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Information about VulPro 

VulPro – The Vulture Conservation Programme of South Africa is a unique stand-alone programme based in the North West Province.

VulPro rescues and rehabilitates grounded vultures and raptors, giving the non-releasable birds a second chance at life by using them in a captive breeding programme for population supplementation.

VulPro identifies and mitigates threats, educates, researches and is a trendsetter in vulture conservation.

Visit VulPro and see Cape Vultures, African White-backed, White-headed, Lappet-faced, Palm-nut Vultures and Condors, Bateleurs, Fish Eagles and a host of other raptors depending on what has been rescued and is undergoing rehabilitation.

Visit VulPro’s vulture restaurant and book the hide for an out of world photographic and life experience at a later date.

Families particularly love the involvement of “their” vulture, with children learning so much about these amazing birds.

We also offer a variety of memberships suited to individuals, corporates and families, contact or for more information.

We also offer the privilege of adopting one of our special vultures, some of these include rescued and rehabilitated vultures, others are captive bred chicks bound for release at a later date.

Should you sight a grounded vulture that requires urgent assistance then please contact Kerri Wolter immediately on the cell number listed below. It doesn’t matter where in the country you are, VulPro strives to assist any vulture in need.

Visit our website at We also have a Facebook page at

VulPro Kid’s Corner at

Tours are by appointment only.

Contact Kerri Wolter on or 082 808 5113

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