New Germany Nature Reserve

Saturday 1 July 2017

Report by Elena Russell

We had a good turnout and broke up into two groups – thanks to Oscar for leading the one group.

The report is rather short as there were a number of photographers present John Bremner, Sheryl Halstead & Mick Jackson.   Thanks for the great photos which I am sure you would all rather look at than read my waffle!

We dipped on the Fiscal Flycatcher which should be a certainty at NGNR in winter. Our bird count at tea was 53+ (click here to see a list) and then the late stragglers (die-hard birders) came in and the count must have been over 60 by the end of the morning – not too shabby for a very dry and wintery NGNR.

Thanks to Sandi for IDing the big green caterpillar which is a Green-veined Charaxes!!




3 thoughts on “New Germany Nature Reserve

  1. Can anyone ID the ‘plants’? Specifically the on the Rayed Blue was on and the Yellow flowered one!


  2. Butterflies – 1 = Rayed Blue
    2 = Pearl Charaxes (Emperor)
    3 = Eyed Pansy
    4 =Boisduval’s Tree Nymph
    5 = African Migrant


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