Kenneth Stainbank Outing

Report by Elena Russell

Saturday 5th August 2017

I hadn’t been to Stainbank for quite some time, I must have had a reason? Stainbank is superb – the sun was shining, sky of blue and the birds were everywhere.

The car park was alive with birds, a flock of Black-bellied Starlings kept coming and going and we later picked up Cape Glossy and Red-Winged Starlings. Yellow-bellied and Sombre Greenbuls, Dark-capped Bulbuls, White-eared and Black-collared Barbets, Trumpeter Hornbills flew overhead and lots more. Eventually we got organised and as we were only 15 members we decided to stay as one group.

We walked down the road and took a path up to the grasslands. The grass was heavy with dew and the spider webs were amazing.

We spotted a magnificent Jackal Buzzard which I was told is not a usual bird for the reserve?

Jackal Buzzard John Bremner

The Lesser-Striped Swallows are back but we dipped on the YBK, I still have not seen one and it is already the 10th!!

Butterflies and Animals were also identified.

Zitting and Rattling Cisticolas, Neddicky, Yellow-throated Longclaws, Little Bee-eaters, Common Fiscal, Tambourine and Red-eyed Doves, African Pipits and the Purple Crested Turacos were calling as we wound our way down to the little dam.

Village and Yellow Weavers all busy building nests on the ‘dead tree island’ in the middle of the dam.

A juvenile Reed Cormorant did not stay long as there was a huge water monitor sunning itself on a bush very close by, but more disturbing was the Black Crake family, only one juvenile left, and their nest was in a very precarious position. Oh! Dear!

We carried on up to the more forested area and along the road. Great views of the White-eared Barbets and their nest holes.

Bronze and Red-backed Mannikins, Fork-tailed and Square-tailed Drongos, Black, Ashy, African Paradise and Dusky Flycatchers.

Sunbirds: Grey, Amethyst, Collared and White-bellied. Dark-backed and Spectacled Weavers, Cape White-eye, Golden-tailed Woodpeckers, Yellow-rumped and Red-fronted Tinkerbirds. Red-capped Robin-Chat were present.

We also had a White-browed Scrub Robin calling.  Southern Boubou, Black-backed Puffbacks, Spur-winged and Eqyptian Geese flew over – in total out bird count was 69.

With Sandi’s help we found a lovely spot for tea and the Saturday Chat Show settled down for a good chat!!

Thanks to John Bremner and Mike Jackson for the fabulous photos.



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  1. Mick Jackson says:

    Errata: I think the Greenbul is a Yellow-bellied, and the Moorhen is a juvenile Black Crake.

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