Vulture Hide – Oribi

Hi Netters,

With the holiday season once again creeping up on us very quickly, here are the dates for our scheduled vulture viewing experiences to the end of the year.

(If you have never been then you are missing out on something special) an insert by the administer of the BLPN website.

We have again added Wednesday visits throughout December and the beginning of January.

Breeding activity is in full swing and thanks to more accurate monitoring, we counted a record 94 active nests in July. This is up from the average 50 which we would normally expect.

Hopefully, the skies will be full of fledglings by November.

R100.00** per person minimum donation. However, larger donations will always be greatly appreciated and will enable our project to expand it’s ambitions.

These visits are conducted from cliff vantage points where you can view the vultures flying and on the breeding cliffs.

For some comments from previous visitors please visit:

Booking Dates:

22 August 2017 (Tue) 0930-1130 CONFIRMED limited spaces available

26 August 2017 (Sat) 0900-1100 CONFIRMED limited spaces available

02 September 2017 CLOSED

09 September 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030

16 September 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030

23 September 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030

30 September 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030

07 October 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030

14 October 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030

21 October 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030

28 October 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030

04 November 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030

11 November 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030 to be confirmed

18 November 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030 to be confirmed

25 November 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030 to be confirmed

02 December 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030 to be confirmed

06 December 2017 (WED) 0830-1030

09 December 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030

13 December 2017 (WED) 0830-1030

16 December 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030

20 December 2017 (WED) 0830-1030

23 December 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030

27 December 2017 (WED) 0830-1030

30 December 2017 (Sat) 0830-1030


ADVANCE BOOKING ESSENTIAL (Minimum 24hrs notice required please)

To book one of the scheduled visits or to arrange a date of your choice

please email:


or WhatsApp: 081 510 8333

or Cell: 072 893 3794

**based on minimum of 3 people per group for visit to take place and subject to change.

Andy Ruffle


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