News on the Wing found in Hillcrest/Waterfall

From: Elena Russell []

Sent: 23 August 2017 01:48 PM

To: David Allan

Subject: FW: Wing

Hi David

The wing was found under a tree in my sister’s garden – Hillcrest/Waterfall area. There were also pheasant feathers (at least that’s what I think they are).

At the outing on Sunday we thought the wing maybe from an owl!!!

Please let us know what you think (my sister is also keen to know). She has genets in her roof – mainly winter time as the roof gets too hot in summer.



From Elena

Hi Tania

FYI this is what David Allan had to say and it makes sense as the other feathers you gave me were definitely from a pheasant (I checked my UK book on birds).

So somebody lost a pheasant & a partridge – hopefully the pear tree is still there!

Hi Paul – You may like to put David Allan’s ID of the wing feathers on the web?



From: David Allan []

Sent: 24 August 2017 09:45 AM

To: Elena Russell <>

Subject: RE: Wing photo

Hi Elena

Looks very ‘domestic’ to me. And galliform . . .

Some sort of poultry: chicken, turkey, that sort of thing. Partridge indeed could be the culprit.

Definitely not an owl.

The predator might be a raptor as the circumstances fit well. Black Sparrowhawk, or even Crowned Eagle, especially out that way where there are many such birds of prey.


Regards – David


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