Alverstone Outing

Saturday 7 October 2017

Report by Elena Russell

It was an amazing morning. The mist did not lift till nearly 8 o’clock so the birding was spasmodic.

Misty Morning – Decklan Jordaan

We would hear a Dark-capped Bulbul and then a dark shape would fly past!! Dave Rimmer came up with “misty moisty morning when cloudy was the weather” (Steeleye Span).

Maybe not the best alliteration but then nobody came up with anything better. It kept us amused whilst we did a head-count, just in case we lost someone in the thick mist. Twenty one birders braved the weather and our bird count was 78.  We also raised R420 for the Alverstone conservancy.

Once the mist started to lift the birding improved tremendously and in fact the sun came out and it was a great morning.

We walked the grassland path down to the bottom dam where the Holb’s Golden Weavers are in residence. Knysna (heard) and Purple Crested Turacos seen, masses of Cape Robin-Chats, Cape Canary and lots more – thanks to Sandi who did the bird list which is attached. Click here to see the list.

Dave Rimmer who keeps the so called “official reserve list” added a further 9 species to the list which now stands at 118 for the reserve  (Click here to see their list). The following were added to the reserve list: –

Cape Canary

African Pygmy Kingfisher

Brown-backed Honeybird

African Goshawk

Natal Spurfowl

African Pipit

House Sparrow

Red-throated Wryneck

Green Wood-hoopoe

Our bird of the morning was the Olive Bushshrike, some really great views and of course we had to have an orchid – Disa Woodii.

Crinum were flowering on the hillside and spiders on webs in the misty moist wet grass – the Saturday Chat Show does tend to look at everything.

Spider in the dew -Decklan Jordaan

We found a reed frog (presume it is a reed frog as it was on a reed).

We made our way back up the forest path and once on the top walking back to the picnic site we picked up African and Plain-backed Pipit.

Thanks to the photographers, Dave, Hennie, Decklan and Tony for the great photos.

Elena Russell

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