Paradise Valley Outing

Report by Lesley Frescura

Wednesday 18 October

The morning dawned with the promise of a beautiful day, and at 07.30 five intrepid birders – John, Sandi, Rani, Ros and Lesley met in the car park and made their way into the NR and over the bridge.

The bridge is in dire need of repair with side pieces missing.

We then proceeded along the path by the river which was running strongly after the recent rains. The strelitzia nicotiana is in bloom, and there were many birds along the way enjoying the nectar.

We spotted 2 White-eared Barbet babies recently out of the nest, and staying close to the tree which provided excellent hiding places.

There was evidence of some washaways on the river bank, and quite a few fallen logs and tree branches. As we made our way further down the path, we noted the alien invasive vegetation including balloon vine, triffids and lantana.

The birds flitted amongst the trees full of song and searching for food – be it bugs under the bark, insects in flight or fruit ripening on the trees.

We made our way to the wooden bridge over the river and once again remarked on the broken sides, which may or may not have been caused by the storm of the week before. However we felt that signs should be put up warning parents that children should not be on the bridges unaccompanied.

We then made our way to the furthest spot on the river and John spotted an Eagle flying over a nest. We took the upper path on our return and ended the morning enjoying our tea at the riverside where there are again many birds to watch, ID and enjoy. The Mountain Wagtails were there to show Rani.

Thanks to Sandi for the bird list. Click here to see the list.

Best regards

Lesley Frescura

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