Paarl Feedback

Report by John Fincham

We had a bright sunny day at Paarl for the monthly count this morning, and the birds put on an exceptional display.

Whiskered Terns were detected in <25% of 120 counts, up to 2004. They have not been detected in 150 counts since then. Today there were at least 8 in breeding plumage on pan B.

The Black-winged Stilts have got eggs, and a Glossy Ibis was spectacular. So were at least 8 Hottentot Teal on pan E2.

The pans are deeper than usual because of increased flow due to alterations being made to the new concrete section. Some of the birds, including flamingos, have moved away because of this.

Photos are attached.

John E Fincham

Phones: 021-9194069 & 082 370 8499

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4 Responses to Paarl Feedback

  1. Iris Sear says:

    Interesting, was this at the Paarl sewage plant?

    • As far as I am aware – yes.

      • Iris Sear says:

        We went there a year ago and had armed guards in front and behind us. They would not let us stop or wind down the window as they said it was dangerous. We wanted to drive round a second time but they did not want us to. Has the situation changed dramatically?
        Guards were only there at weekends.

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