BirdLife Port Natal Fun Evening

The final indoor meeting of the year took place on 8 November 2017, in the form of a fun evening organised by Steve Davis. Eighteen members came along for the mystery competitions, which required no expert knowledge of birds at all!

Firstly, there was a word search competition, in which each person had to find the names of 40 birds hidden in a 15×15 block. The winners of this were Chris, Rowena and Adam.

Secondly came a Bird Jigsaw game. Each person was handed an envelope with 1/6 of a picture of a bird stapled in and 5 miscellaneous loose pieces. The race was then on to find among the other members the missing five pieces of your picture. Much hilarity ensued as well as some long faces, as some people by chance got relatively easy pictures (e.g. Violet-backed Starling) while others were more difficult (e.g. Eastern Nicator). In the end, the winners, Rowena, Jenny and Jane, helped the others to complete their pictures in the end.

Thirdly was Bird Scrabble. This was similar to Bird Jigsaw, except this time each envelope contained the name of a bird and five random pieces of bird names. Again, much chaos ensued as everyone rushed around trying to find the component parts of their bird name, without dropping the small pieces of card. It wasn’t as easy as some people thought, as a bird starting with “Black-” could have a first piece with “BLA”, “BLAC”,  “BLACK” or “BLACK-” and only when you found the next piece would you know which was correct. In the end, the winners were David, Adam and Rowena.

After all the merriment and the prizegiving, tea, coffee, mince pies and biscuits were enjoyed by all. To those who were unable to come, you missed a great deal of fun but it is certain to be repeated by popular request.IMG_3072IMG_3077IMG_3079IMG_3082IMG_3083IMG_3086IMG_3087IMG_3088

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