Sapphire Coast Bird Challenge

Hi All,

We are excited to have the Sapphire Coast Bird Challenge up and running.

The Sapphire Coast Bird Challenge is open to all residents and visitors to this part of the KwaZulu-Natal south coast. The aim of this challenge is to see who can see the most bird species in this region in 2018. The area stretches from the Mbokodweni river in the North, to the Mpambanyoni river in the South, about 9km inland, and 1.5km into the ocean.

Participating in this challenge will not only be lots of fun but will make a valuable contribution to conservation initiatives in the Sapphire Coast area.

A big thank you to Henk Nel and the BirdLasser team for making putting it together. What is really exciting is that everyone that participates between now and the end of March will go into a draw to win some amazing birding books compliments of Bargain Books SA.

Here is a link to the challenge:

Please feel free to forward this email far and wide as possible. If anyone has any questions that can feel free to email me and I will answer them.

Thank You,

Adam Cruickshank

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