Umbogavango Outing

Report by Elena Russell

Saturday 6th january 2018

The indemnity form had not been left at the office by security. Without it we were not going to gain access to Umbogavango, one of our favourite birding spots.

We were considering whether to toyi-toyi into the office and demand our rights but a few phone calls were made and all was sorted out amicably.

We had a very good crowd, old and new members and some visitors. We broke up into 3 groups, my thanks to Mike Roseblade and Adam Cruikshank for leading two of the groups.

Our bird count was eventually 103 not too shabby (click here to see the list) – some of the highlights: Common Buzzard, Malachite Kingfisher (adult and juvenile) Buff-spotted Flufftail, Natal Spurfowl, African Spoonbills, Purple-banded Sunbird, Mountain Wagtail, Black-throated Wattle-eye, Black Crake and lots more!

Thanks to Sandi du Preez for the attached bird list and thanks to John Bremner, Adam Cruickshank and Tyron Dall for some really great photos.



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