Latest Cape and Bearded Vulture tracks

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Please find attached (click here) the movements of our Bearded Vultures; Jeremia, Pharaoh, Lehlwa and Mollie and our Cape Vultures; Bennie and N207, for the past week.

Inkosi’s bones were tested for lead to see if she showed signs of long-term exposure to lead (from eating meat shot with lead bullets). The results show only background exposure unlike some of our other birds that had much higher lead levels. For your interest, I have attached (Click here) an article on lead levels in this population which will be published within the next week or so. Additional samples were sent for testing this week to confirm cause of death.

Some great photos of our nestling this week who seems to have fledged successfully thus making it a fledgling! It has been back to the nest regularly and is still being fed on the nest. Photo 1 shows our bird resting after his first day of flight.

I have also included a link to an article on the project for your interest:

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