Latest Cape and Bearded Vulture tracks

Dear All

Please find attached (click here) the movements of our Bearded Vultures; Jeremia, Pharaoh, Lehlwa and Mollie and our Cape Vultures; Bennie and N207, for the past week. The map is looking rather empty now without Inkosi and we have no data for Bennie since the 14th, so hopefully his transmitter starts transmitting again soon. Our remaining Cape Vulture in the Eastern Cape seems to be the only active bird this week.

Unfortunately no images from our nest this week.

I have also included a report (click here) on the status of the Bearded Vulture in Southern Africa for 2017. This report is based on the nest monitoring that was done throughout the species range in 2017 and follows the provincial State of Biodiversity Report format.

I wish you a blessed and enjoyable Christmas

Kind regards

Sonja Krüger

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