Westville Eco-Trail

18th September 2019

A group of 13 birders gathered in the early morning in the Westville Civic Centre Library parking lot.  Hats firmly on our head, binoculars at the ready we set off to explore the Westville Eco Trail.

Birders looking in all directions.

 A walk across the Link Road park area produced Hadeda Ibis, Speckled Mousebird, Brown-headed Kingfisher, White-eared and Black-collared Barbet, Golden-tailed Woodpecker called, and a host of Cape White-eyes dashed in and out of the tree tops.  A solitary Woolly-necked stork sat on a roof top and watched us pass by.  

Woolly-necked stork

It was distressing to see a large swathe of Strelitzia nicolai and palm Phoenix reclinata that had been decimated due to indiscriminate clearing.

Photo 3 and 4

Once across Link Road we entered the remnant patch of forest that borders a small stream.  Here we were greeted by Red-capped Robin-chat calling his see saw call interspersed with a pretty good rendition of a Crowned Eagle.  Purple-crested Turaco sat out on some exposed branches to give us a good view and then glided away displaying his wonderful red wings in all their glory.  We crossed the stream and headed out onto the grassland area.  Rattling Cisticola was present, Klaas’s Cuckoo sat and gave us good views for a brief time and a host of Red-backed Mannikins were bustling about building a nest in a lone tree.  

Red-backed Mannikin building a nest.

Entering the new trail that zig-zags through an area of scrub where the Pied Mannikins used to nest we were surprised to find one Blue Waxbill.  Another bird that was seen was a Brown-backed Honeybird which sat out on a branch affording all a view.  

Brown-backed Honeybird

Being Spring there was a plethora of blooms on display……

A whole lot of nest building in progress…. 

A Kurrichane Thrush sat out and serenaded us as we left. 

And last but not least for the butterfly enthusiasts – a Common Scarlet.

A total of 59 species were seen.  See list attached.

Jane and Mike Roseblade

All photos Jane Roseblade

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