BLPN Nature Journaling for Birders – Fitting NJ into your Birding

Lockdown has been hard on some of us who love to explore new places and re-visit familiar favourites. Fortunately, nature journaling continues to provide a fun reprieve. Nine of us were online. The group included five people from one family with gran and four grandchildren between the ages of 6 and 15 years of age! Multi-generational groups are highly recommended for nature journaling. We all learn from each other. This advice from John Muir (aka Jack) Laws proved itself as the enthusiasm of the group kept us going despite the hot and humid afternoon. 

In this month’s session, we explored how to fit nature journaling into our individual birding styles and preferences, and we tried out a few nature journaling activities.

We had a brief session on how to sketch birds based on John Muir Laws’ New Bird Drawing System.

Our model for this session was a Crowned Lapwing.

Some of the results:

I’m really enjoying all the inspiring ways to get into this in our workshops, it’s so exciting.  A real learning curve.”  Patty Douglas.

I enjoyed the session and definitely want to find time to practice.” Carron Dove.

 “I can’t wait to do that again it was such fun” Aj Morris.

Written by Cati Vawda

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