Birding at the wonderful Priscilla Vale Farm

14 March 2021

We woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning with the birds being vocal and active prior to sunrise. They obviously knew that we were in for a hot day and by the time we started walking they were mostly quiet. 

However, an enjoyable morning was had by all the six participants ending up around the Firepit having lunch having cut short the birding due to the temperature reaching 34C. 

We saw 41 different species. What we did not see in birds was made up by the scenery, all being lush and green. Some of the species seen were Black-crowned Tchagra, Cape Grassbird, Knysna Turaco, Forest Canary, Yellow-throated Longclaw, Dusky Flycatcher and the Swee Waxbill which kept the cameras clicking.

Photo 5 Forest Canary – Maxine Carter

We had had 17mm of rain on the Friday with Saturday the perfect birding day, full of song but as is the case with Murphy’s law did not coincide with the actual visit.

Once again it was a pleasure having members of the club to visit.

Malcolm Stainbank

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