Thursday 22nd April

The day dawned as a misty, damp morning but with a break in the rain we decided to continue to do the outing to Memorial Park, Kloof.

We all gathered in the top car park off Douglas road and took our chairs down to an area by the reed bed with a few trees around. A few common birds were soon ticked off with Hadeda Ibis, and Red-eyed Dove being the most common.  A pair of Olive Thrush entertained us for a while.  I briefly mentioned a bit of the history of the park of how 2 farmers who’d both lost a son in the WWII donated some land from their farms to make into a park as a memorial for the 2 boys. (Douglas Johnson being my Grandfather and his son Ronald, hence Ronaldskloof, being his only son). After about an hour a few of the group decided to go walk about and explore this new venue with the park and the grassland areas.  Sadly, a bit later it started raining again and after gathering up chairs and picnic baskets we headed back to the cars where we decided to call it a day.  A nice flock of Trumpeter Hornbills flew into a large fig tree which one of the walkers said was full of ripe figs.

A total of 27 birds were seen in just under 2 hours.

Jenny Norman

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  1. Jenny says:

    A total of 27 birds were seen in just under 2 hours. (This was in the write-up that I sent in….)

    1. Thanks Jenny – the text was there but was covered by the photo. I have brought it out now. In future just send an email to alert us so we can correct it please.

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