North Park Sit-in

4th May 2021

The participants for the North Park Sit-in arrived slowly.  Some were super early and others got lost and took a very scenic route.  There were six of us in total and we settled ourselves down under a large Albizia Adantifolia with a view of the sky, surrounding low bush and some lovely fruiting trees that inluded a Halleria lucida (Tree Fucia), Antidesma venosum (Tassleberry), Croton sylvaticus (Forest Fever-berry) and Strilitzia nicolii.   This position definitely paid off as we had a good stream of birds in and out of the various trees, a number of visitors to the Strelitzia and some fly pasts as well.

The frugivores were having a feast, Black-collared and White-eared Barbets,  Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird and the conspicous Purple-crested Turaco were present. 

Insectivores came in to feast on the attending insects and Red-capped Robin-Chat was seen right at the top of the Tassleberry tree in the company of some Dusky Flycatcher and Fork-tailed Drongo.  Nectar feeders were enjoying the Strelitzia nicolai flowers and Olive Sunbird calls were on continuous play.  

Southern Boubou was heard and Golden-tailed Woodpecker gave himself away by his constant tapping.

We had an African Goshawk fly overhead doing his chipping call and a Little Sparrowhawk dashed over out heads.  Crowned Eagle was not to be left out and did a lovely fly over for us. Mountain Wagtail was seen from the bridge but Spotted Ground Thrush was not in evedence.

Some interesting insects were also observed and Sandi du Preez tells me these are nymphs of a speices of leaf or planthopper!  

Although it was a sit-in we had some restless souls and they walked to the left in the early part of the morning while others went right a bit later on and others

stayed firmly in their seats.  To round off the morning Mike made a fire and a braai was enjoyed by all.  

We managed to accumlate a list of 45 birds, some seen and others heard while also having time to socialise and mingle with like minded people.   

Jane Morris

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