Pigeon Valley Sit-in

Pigeon Valley Sit-in
15th June 2021

Ten club members joined this social sit, with a couple of them arriving (pre-planned) about an hour after the others. We all settled in a little clearing just past the sign board. The very early members were treated to a view of a Black Sparrowhawk sitting and calling on a dead branch just next to the clearing. 

Just above our heads was a beautiful flowering mistletoe (Erianthmum dregei) which the Olive Sunbird loved and came in and out to visit throughout the morning.

The birds were very vocal with Bar-throated Apalis chipping away and Purple-crested Turaco croaking, Terrestrial Brownbul chatted away in the undergrowth only showing themselves fleetingly.  Square-tailed Drongo showed off its ruby red eye. There were a few Flycatchers around with Dusky Flycatcher sitting quietly and African Paradise flitting through the trees.

Noisy visitors were a flock of Black-bellied Starlings and a family group of White-eared Barbets.  Red-capped Robin-chat was also vocal.

We were also visited by the ever-present Red Duiker.

May be an image of deer and nature

Another flying creature was the barely flying African Wood White – if it flew any slower it would fall down! Quite a few members went for a walk to chase down the visiting Spotted Ground Thrush which was found along the fence line near the reservoir.

They were also lucky enough to see an Olive Bush Shrike while the ones left behind were lucky enough to get good views of a pair of Red-billed Firefinch.

We ended up with a list of 39 species which is not bad for a winter’s morning birding while predominantly sitting still in a forest. And, a lucky few had their binoculars expertly cleaned by Al Nicoll as a real bonus!

Trip Report by Jenny Norman

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