New Germany Nature Reserve Sit-in. 

17 March 2022

After heavy rain all night, the morning dawned overcast but dry. It was a small turnout as quite a few people cancelled the day before for a variety of reasons.  We found a place with a view over the grasslands and near a fruiting fig tree (that wasn’t as productive as it should have been).

Photo 1 New Germany Nature Reserve – Jenny Norman

The day started quietly with more heard than seen, but as it warmed up and the sun showed it’s bright face the birding picked up. The swallows were out in force feeding on all the insects before they migrate next month. 

Poobalan went for an early morning walk in the grasslands and came back after having a stunning view of a Rufous-naped Lark. From where we were siting, we saw Yellow-throated Longclaw.

Rufous-naped Lark – Poobalan Naidoo

Large number of starlings were seen with Red-winged, Cape and Black-bellied Starlings all represented.

Cape Starling – Poobalan Naidoo

Red-eyed Dove were all over as were the Yellow-fronted Canaries.

Red-eyed Dove – Poobalan Naidoo
Yellow-fronted Canary – Poobalan Naidoo.

The black birds were well presented by both Fork-tailed and Common Square-tailed Drongo and Southern Black Flycatcher. Giving a bit of colour were numerous Village Weavers and a lone Black-headed Oriole.

Common Square-tailed Drongo – Poobalan Naidoo
Southern Black Flycatcher – Poobalan Naidoo 

The bird of the day was a flyby of a Palmnut Vulture. Also on the raptor front was a Yellow-billed Kite which caused discussions of whether or not it would be the last of the season.

Some other species seen and photographed.

Cape White-eye – Poobalan Naidoo 
Familiar Chat – Poobalan Naidoo 

We ended up with a respectable list of 42 species.

Report written by Jenny Norman

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