BeKZN Sit-In at Crowned Eagle Estate

13 October 2022

Firstly, a grateful and heartfelt thanks to our hosts for the day, Clive and Ann, who welcomed us onto their property and allowed us to take over their veranda for the sit-in. It was very much appreciated.

The view was stunning, looking over a small dam with lots of big trees around and the birds were very active with some even coming onto the deck when it was quiet – difficult with over 15 people…

As we arrived, the sound of the Klaas’s Cuckoo greeted us and during the morning we also heard ‘Pretty Georgie’ from the Emerald Cuckoo and the familiar ‘Piet-my-vrou’ from Red-chested Cuckoo.  Both Bronze and Red-backed Mannikins fed in the bushes in front of us and the Village Weavers were vocal at their chosen nesting tree and at the feeders.

The liquid call of the Black-headed Oriole was clear, and it was great when the bird was seen. The Purple-crested Turacos were active in the morning light.  The ever-present Hadeda Ibis also joined in the morning chorus. The Kurrichane Thrush hopped along on the ground below us causing a bit of debate regarding it being an Olive Thrush or a possible hybrid.

Three species of Sunbird were seen, namely, Collared, Greater Double-collared and Olive

Another bird that caused a debate was a perched raptor which was eventually decided after seeing Mark’s picture – it being a Wahlberg’s Eagle.

Some other birds seen:-

And a beautiful indigenous species with flowers to delight the senses

We ended up with a list of over 43 species.

Thanks again to Clive and Ann and to Virginia for organising it with them.

Written by Jenny Norman

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