10 November 2022

The day was overcast but no wind. Nine people turned up including a couple of new members. We sat under a large tree facing an expanse of open area which had many Bronze Mannikins, Village and Spectacled Weavers as well as Red Bishops flying in and out. 

Some people went for a walk straight away and came back reporting Little Bee-eaters which later appeared in the tree behind us.

A surprise was having a Rattling Cisticola on the edge of the grasslands as well as a small flock of Red-billed Quelea.

The Black-collared and Crested Barbets were vocal as well as a couple of cuckoos. The Brown-hooded Kingfisher flew around, landing in the tree that we were sitting under a few times.

The trees on the far side of the grassland held the normal Fork-tailed Drongos, Southern Black Flycatchers and Yellow-fronted Canaries. Also flying around were the noisy Little Swifts and Hadeda Ibis.

Some other birds seen included:

A good time was had by all and 49 birds were seen in total.

Written by Jenny Norman

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