BE KZN Sit-In | Portman Park, Westville

8 December 2022

The sitters sitting in Portman Park – Poobalan Naidoo

We had a break in the weather and ended up with a nice sunny day. Nine people attended and Sue Smith from the Conservancy gave us a short background story of the park before leading some of the people on a short walk.

Sue Smith provided an over view of Portman Park | this park has recently been rehabilitated by Friends of Dawncliffe Parks, a sub section of Westville Conservancy.  A lot of work has been done to remove Invasive Alien plants and trees and the natural grassland, wetland, woodland, and riverine forest habitats have been re-established after many years of mowing and neglect. This has resulted in an abundance of seed eating birds, plus White-eared and Crested barbet, Red-capped robin-chat, Thick-billed Weaver, Burchell’s coucal and many more.   A newly constructed bridge connects both sides of the park giving over 1km of pathways. 

The bird walkers – Poobalan Naidoo

The birdlife was very good with three species of Barbet and three species of Weaver being seen.  

Crested Barbet – Poobalan Naidoo

The walkers found a Yellow-billed Kite sitting near its nest although everyone had it flying over quite a few times.

Yellow-billed Kite – Poobalan Naidoo

A few families of Southern Black Flycatchers kept us entertained with their motley babies following the parents around. 

Black Flycatcher, adult and juvenile – Poobalan Naidoo
Black Flycatcher juvenile – Poobalan Naidoo

A couple of Wooly-necked Storks flew over and then landed on the top of a dead tree.

Woolly-necked Stork – Poobalan Naidoo

Also flying around were many Lesser-striped Swallows and a brief view of an African Harrier Hawk.

African Harrier Hawk, juvenile in flight – Poobalan Naidoo

We also had 3 species of Sunbird calling and allowing some quick views. Woodpeckers and a Black-headed Oriolewere also calling and allowed good views.

Greater Double Collared Sunbird – Poobalan Naidoo
Amethyst Sunbird female – Poobalan Naidoo

Another great outing and thanks to everyone who attended.

The report by Jenny Norman: 

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