BeKZN Sit-in | An afternoon at Memorial Park (16/03/23)

16 March 2023

A hot and sultry afternoon saw 6 birders arrive at Memorial Park for the afternoon sit-in.  Jenny chose a shady spot under a tree with a view of the wetland and some of the thicket surrounding the park area.  

The occasional flock of 5 or 6 Thick-billed Weavers flew over the reed bed, settling in below eye level before heading out in a rush again.  A Brown-hooded Kingfisher came and sat in the thickets in front of us and proved very hard to see.  Black-headed Oriole called and we did see a group of Woolly-necked Storks fly across the sky.

Brown-hooded Kingfisher
Black-headed Oriole

Little Rush Warbler was very vocal in the reed bed but remained concealed while the baby-like wail of Trumpeter Hornbill alerted us to its presence as it flew from one lot of trees to another. 

Trumpeter Hornbill

The wind picked up after a time and the clouds rolled in, it started to drizzle and we decided to call it a day. 

Birding was very slow with a list of only 16 birds at the end of the afternoon but calls were reinforced and the like-minded company made up for the lack of birds.

Outing hosted by Jenny Norman

All photographs and report by Jane Morris

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