BeKZN Sit-In at the Durban Botanical Garden

22 June 2023

On a cold June afternoon, we gathered at the Durban Botanical Gardens for an afternoon sit-in.  Having found a spot that gave us a good view of the lake, and some sun to keep us warm, we settled in for an afternoon of birding.

The lake and surrounds were as usual, a hive of activity.  The ubiquitous Egyptian Geese were present in numbers,  Common Moorhen dabbled around the edge of the lake while Malachite Kingfisher darted across the lake. A Pied Kingfisher was happy to sit on a pole and gaze at the water with intent.

Pied Kingfisher – Val Rowles
African Spoonbill – Val Rowles

African Spoonbill wandered on the lawns and in the heronry in the trees surrounding the lake the young competed for space on the nest. 

African Spoonbill unfledged chicks on the nest – Val Rowles

Pink-backed Pelicans, Black-headed Heron and a lone Sacred Ibis sat in the surrounding vegetation.  

Black-headed Heron – Val Rowles

The walkers were rewarded with great views of Palmnut Vulture, Black-collared Barbet, Bronze Mannikin and Speckled Mousebird.

Palm-nut Vulture – Val Rowles
Black-collared Barbet – Val Rowles
Bronze Mannikin – Val Rowles
Speckled Mousebird – Val Rowles

A very good sighting was obtained of an obliging Lesser Honeyguide.

Some other birds seen and photographed.

Woolly-necked Stork – Val Rowles
Dark-capped Bulbul – Val Rowles

A great way to spend a cold afternoon.

Sit in hosted by Jenny Norman, report written by Jane Morris

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