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Patio Commotion in Mount Edgecombe

Hi Everyone,

At about 8pm last night Anne and I heard a commotion on our patio and as I looked up I thought I saw what looked like a small Owl grab a little Gecko off the wall. I ran outside to have a look but it had disappeared. About 10 mins later it flew back so I grabbed my camera and slowly went onto the patio and there, sitting on the floor, was a Common Quail. It then jumped / flew about 6 ft into the air up against the wall, obviously trying to catch a gecko , but after having no luck in then wandered off into the garden.

Common Quail

Common Quail

How amazing is that.


Wayne Sykes


Photos of Yellow Wagtail on UVS Flats

Photos of Yellow Wagtail on UVS Flats taken on 17|02\13 by Bruce Nicholson.

ID Request from Norman Freeman

On a hike to the Tugela Gorge at the base of the Royal Natal Amphitheatre, I listed a number of birds, two of which have confused me somewhat as a novice, even going thro’ the LBJ book. I wonder if someone from the club can assist in identifying these from the poor photo’s attached. Neither may be “astounding sightings” but a frustration when one can’t put a name to them. Could the LBJ be the Drakensburg Prinia?

Click on the Post title to see the 2 photos if not shown in your email.

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During our stay in the area over the first two weeks in January, I also had the thrill of witnessing the roosting “fly-in” of some 1500 Amur Falcons (Eastern Red Footed) (+/- 19h00). They have taken to using a very large Plane Tree at the Tower of Pizza over the past 7 years. This Pizza restaurant is located just before the Hlalanathi turn-off on the R74 on route to Royal Natal. The owner says he is also aware of a larger number roosting near Estcourt. The benefit of his spot is you can dine on the great pizza’s they make as you share your birding experience – each pizza named after a Berg Peak eg. Sentinal.

In addition, there are +/- 30 to 40 Southern Bald Headed Ibis roosting on the same property on a tall multi-functional steel mast structure as well as on a dead tree alongside this.

Norman Freeman. Email

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