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On a hike to the Tugela Gorge at the base of the Royal Natal Amphitheatre, I listed a number of birds, two of which have confused me somewhat as a novice, even going thro’ the LBJ book. I wonder if someone from the club can assist in identifying these from the poor photo’s attached. Neither may be “astounding sightings” but a frustration when one can’t put a name to them. Could the LBJ be the Drakensburg Prinia?

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During our stay in the area over the first two weeks in January, I also had the thrill of witnessing the roosting “fly-in” of some 1500 Amur Falcons (Eastern Red Footed) (+/- 19h00). They have taken to using a very large Plane Tree at the Tower of Pizza over the past 7 years. This Pizza restaurant is located just before the Hlalanathi turn-off on the R74 on route to Royal Natal. The owner says he is also aware of a larger number roosting near Estcourt. The benefit of his spot is you can dine on the great pizza’s they make as you share your birding experience – each pizza named after a Berg Peak eg. Sentinal.

In addition, there are +/- 30 to 40 Southern Bald Headed Ibis roosting on the same property on a tall multi-functional steel mast structure as well as on a dead tree alongside this.

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  1. Desire' Pelser says:

    Could bird 2 not be a Spotted Flycatcher?

  2. Colin Soper says:

    Bird No 2 – I fancy a juvenile Fiscal Flycatcher

  3. When its a slide show, is there any way to stop it so one can get a good look at the bird?

    1. sandi du preez says:

      click on the middle circle with the two lines

  4. Crystelle Wilson says:

    Hi Norman, I agree that Bird 1 is a Drakensberg Prinia. I see a lot of them at Boston in the KZN Midlands. Bird 2 looks like a juvenile Cape Robin-Chat. Crystelle Wilson

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