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Trip Reports & Interesting Sightings

Please send your interesting sightings and reports to BLPN and write “Sighting” or “Report” in the subject line of the email. If you attach photos then be sure they are less than 300 KBs – preferably in the 150 KB… Read More

Mystery Cormorant

Here is a photo I took of a cormorant which I took at Cape Point in December on the shipwreck Trail. Can anyone ID it for me?  Cheryl King. Please add your opinion in Comments below the Post. Remember: If… Read More

Mahai, Ithala, Ndumo, Bonamanzi & Richards Bay.

Sally and I are back from our impromptu wanderings around Natal. We headed to Mahai for 5 days, Ithala and Ndumo for 4 days each then 2 days each in Bonamanzi and Richards Bay. We had interesting sightings… Read More

Amatikulu Outing – 17th March – Feedback

Our outing to Amatikulu was very pleasant and we spent most of the day there. There was only seven of us, the distance from Durban and unpredictable weather kept the numbers down. Members who attended ; Sandi du… Read More

I need help in identifying this bird that I photographed in the western Cape please. Merle McKenzie    

Southern Africa’s Butterfly Atlas and Red List book

Final reminder: Southern Africa’s Butterfly Atlas and Red List book is available for order via the pre-publication offer, which expires 31 March. A significant piece of work for butterfly conservation in our region. The accounts for all of… Read More

ID Challenge

ID Challenge. If you would like to receive further ID Challenges then let me know by clicking on “Like” below this Post.

ID Challenge

ID Challenge. If you know what this bird is then click on “Comments” below the picture and state your case. Paul.

Half-collared is back

Just to let you know that after being with us at Le Domaine for 4 months last year, the Half-collared Kingfisher is back. It was seen several times over the weekend. We are hoping this will be an… Read More

Saturday, 2 March 2013 : Shongweni Outing Feedback

Saturday, 2 March 2013 : Shongweni 16 people : 13 members & 3 non members : bird count 76 The day was a little cloudy but after the rain on Friday night I thought the outing was going… Read More

Message from Conservation Africa

Hi everyone, Our next issue is now available. We would appreciate it if you could please circulate this to your members. Thank you very much. Bronwyn Howard – Editor, Conservation Africa. The new issue of our fabulous, paperless… Read More

Convert your Zoom Lens into a Spotting Scope

For those photographers with a zoom lens, this may be of interest. It is possible now to use your zoom lens as a spotting scope. Click here for more information.