Wednesday 17 April : visit to CROW

Wednesday 17 April : visit to CROW

Dear all,

We have organised a very interesting outing to CROW next week and so look
forward to seeing those of you who are able to join us, for a wonderful
morning with the staff and particularly to see their rehabilitation of our
indigenous birds. Looking forward to seeing you then. If you’re planning
on staying for tea afterwards, please add in a couple of extra muffins or
biscuits as I have invited their director and staff to join us. Under her
direction, many new and exciting developments are taking place at CROW.

Best regards


Wednesday 17 April. Visit to CROW with Lesley Frescura. Meet there at 08h30.
This is a wonderful opportunity to share the Centre’s work with people who
have a vested interest in protecting our local birdlife. We can observe the
birds within and those who have chosen to make their home in the spacious
grounds. Bring tea and chairs for later. Directions:

1. Get on the N2 freeway from Durban heading towards Port Shepstone (i.e.
south coast, opposite direction to going to the airport). Take the Edwin
Swales/Solomon Mahlangu turn off onto the M7. At the traffic lights turn
left onto the M7 and get into the right-hand lane. At the next set of
traffic lights, turn right into Wakesleigh Road (keep left once you’ve
turned). 50 metres up Wakesleigh Road glide left into Cliffview Road. Carry
on along Cliffview Road until you get to the stop sign – there will be a
railway bridge ahead of you. At the stop sign turn let into Sarnia Road (not
well signposted, but just turn left!). Carry on along Sarnia Road and when
you get to the first set of traffic lights turn right over the railway
bridge into Coedmore Road. Carry on along Coedmore Road (you will go past a
quarry, cross over a river and along a road with lots of speed bumps and big
trees. CROW is right at the end of Coedmore Avenue – you’ll know you’re on
the right road when you see the CROW signs and speed bumps.

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