Southern White-faced Owl.

Southern White-faced Owl.

Message from Dave Rimmer, West Riding:

We had a nocturnal visitor last night. We have had one calling back in 2009 but could not locate it. Then we heard one again three weeks ago and after much searching managed to locate it in the neighbour’s garden and got good visuals of it. By the time I got back inside to get my camera it had flown off in the meantime. So when Penny heard it calling last night, I made sure I went out with the torch and camera. And I got lucky. First time I’ve ever photographed a bird at night so had no idea what settings to use. Without wasting time to find out, I kept it on the last used setting and changed over to manual focus. I’m happy with the outcome all the same.

Southern White-faced Owl

Southern White-faced Owl

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