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  1. Bob McCosh says:

    Agree, Lack of tail and incomplete feathering on legs led me to consider Bateleur

  2. Dave Rimmer says:

    Will also go with juvenile Bateleur – apart from the unfeathered tarsi mentioned by Steve above, your image fits the Roberts description very well – “Uniform brown plumage; cere and facial skin grey-green and short tail distinctive.” Great photo by the way.

  3. Roy & Steve says:

    Immature Bateleur with bare tarsi, inconspicuous tail (short), long wings, bare blue facial skin or cere.

  4. Desire' Pelser says:

    Agree, juv. Bateleur. Great sighting!

  5. Steve Davis says:

    My opinion is that it is a juvenile Bateleur. Note the unfeathered tarsi (rules out true eagles), bare ‘face’, shortish legs and particularly very short tail relative to long wings.

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