Which Eagle is this?

Which Eagle is this?

This guy was perched on a termite mound in fairly dense woodland near Crocodile bridge in KNP in December this year. I would like to hear opinions as to ID. My first thoughts were Wahlbergs Eagle and did not unfortunately take any side view pics. On closer examination the bird does show characteristics of a young Lesser Spotted Eagle (brown eyes) in the whitish patches on the upper wings, no crest evident and fairly “stovepipe” leggings. Perhaps other members can throw some light.

Which Eagle is this?
Which Eagle is this?

Colin Soper

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  1. Bob McCosh says:

    Bev has a good point.
    I assumed it to be a Southern African species, It would help to now what the size is, but cannot tell from photo. But if I compare size with the grass seeds, it looks fairly small.
    Assuming Southern african, small size and dark colour I would go for Wahlberg’s Eagle, even without any sign of small crest at back of head.

  2. Roy Cowgill and Steve Davis says:

    How about dark phase Tawny eagle? The gape ends under the eye, the leggings well feathered and bill large.

  3. Bev Patterson says:

    What about Greater Spotted Eagle. The gape goes to mid dark eye

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