Springside, Saturday 4th Jan.

Report on Saturday’s outing to Springside.

We had a good turn out for the walk (18) and our bird count was 69.   The weather was a bit odd to start with as there was a heavy mist hanging above the reserve and there was almost a slight drizzle at times but then the sun came out and it was hot, hot, hot and the birding got much better.   From the top path we had great views of Cape Rock Thrush, Yellow-throated Longclaw and Golden Weaver.   Plenty of sunbirds, various weavers both Olive and Kurrichane Thrush.   Diederik, Klaas’s and Red-chested Cuckoos called – a few people managed to  see the Diederik.   Raptors – maybe not as good as usual, Common Buzzard, Crowned Eagle, African Harrier Hawk and African Gos; the Fish Eagle was heard.

The flowers are always a delight at Springside and this year the ground orchids were superb, Disa , Eulophia and Satriuyms, also lots of flowering trees.

The pic of the mating Rain Forest Brown butterflies is Sandi’s, the rest of the pics are from Cheryl  (the Golden Weaver is fabulous).

We collected R300 for the Hillcrest Conservancy – thanks to your generous donations.


Elena Russell.

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  1. It was such a lovely outing. I quite agree, the Golden Weaver pic is stunning. Some people were talking about how we see fewer birds these days. I went and looked at our bird count for last January and it was 57. So we really did well.

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