White Storks in Ashley, Pinetown


I have just come from Pinetown (Tuesday 22nd Jan) and there is a flock of 99 White Stork and 1 Woolley-necked Stork on the lower sports field of Edgewood College. They have been in the area for a few days now and quite an awesome sight – photos attached below.

They can be viewed from the bypass road to the college, on a suitable wide grass verge, this being the main road through Ashley, Pinetown.

Kind regards,

Norman Freeman



4 thoughts on “White Storks in Ashley, Pinetown

  1. Hi I hear there have been a large group of Wooley Neck Storks on the Durban Country Club and we had one in our communal garden in Rapson Road last week. Lovely to see. I took a couple of photos of the bird perched on the birdbath here.


  2. If anyone is intending to look for the white storks at Edgewood College – sorry but they have gone! Went to see them again this morning and there was only one woolly-necked stork.

    Sandi du Preez


  3. I saw a few white storks last Wednesday on the M19 near the N2, and one over the centre of Pinetown yesterday.


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