Mount Edgecombe Birding

Hi Everyone,

Compliments of the Season to you all.

I know it has been a while since I last sent out photos but this past week has been very good on the estate for Birding. The 2nd Dam on Course Two has had some great sighting but last week was very good. Red-billed Teal, Cape Teal, Hottentots Teal, Cape Shoveller, African Swamphen, Black Crake, Pink-backed Pelican, Little Bittern, Purple Heron, Black- headed Heron, Little Grebe, White-breasted Cormorant, Reed Cormorant, Pied Kingfisher, Giant Kingfisher, Three-banded Plover, Cattle Egret, Moorhens, Squacco Heron, Yellow-billed Duck, White-faced Duck, the list goes on and on. Great place to visit on any day.

The highlight last week was on the 8th dam on Course Two. I managed to photograph a Little Bittern fishing at the water’s edge, it was not too concerned about me which allowed me to get the attached photos. Late Saturday afternoon we went back to the 8th dam and were surprised to see a Western Osprey creating havoc on the dam. Every bird in the area was chasing it away from the dam and by the time I could get the camera up and firing it was on the move. It later came back but was a little too high for a good pic.

Mt Edgecombe Golf Estate is still a great place for birding, it never disappoints.



Wayne Sykes

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