Good Stork Story

Submitted by Jenny Rix

I heard an amazing story this evening from a friend of mine who lives at Riverside Retirement Centre.  She was telling me that they have two resident Woolley-necked Storks.  One of them seemed to have something wrong with its foot and couldn’t walk properly.  Anyhow whilst she was watching them two Indian Mynas came down and started to peck at the injured foot.  The Stork seemed quite happy about that.  When she looked closer she realised the stork’s foot was entangled with fishing line.  What the Indian Mynas were doing was removing the fishing line for their nests and when they had finished they had managed to take all the fishing line off the Stork’s foot and it was able to walk again.  What a lucky Stork.


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1 Response to Good Stork Story

  1. sandi du preez says:

    Now THAT is a good story to tell! ( with apologies to Zuma)

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