BirdLife Port Natal

Wood Duck – female

One of the residents at le Domaine – Di Wayne, took the following photo of a mystery duck seen on the property. The photo was taken 7 years ago and I thought it might still be of interest… Read More

Shongweni – Saturday 1 February 2014

We started off with 19 members and ended up with 27 (some late risers!!). Early in the morning the mist was lying over Shongweni but soon started to lift and turned into a lovely hot day’s birding. Our total bird… Read More

BirdLife Global Partnership Highlights.

This email has been sent to all BirdLife staff and Senior Partnership staff from BirdLife International. Dear All Last year was an important one for the BirdLife Partnership.  Our Network grew to cover nearly two thirds of the… Read More

Little Rush-Warbler Aerial Display.

Little Rush-Warbler Aerial Display. Report and Photos by Frank Kihn of Le Domaine. The following photos are of a Little Rush-Warbler doing his “helicopter” impression! Flying up 2 or 3 feet and down again. He must have done… Read More