Little Rush-Warbler Aerial Display.

Little Rush-Warbler Aerial Display.

Report and Photos by Frank Kihn of Le Domaine.

The following photos are of a Little Rush-Warbler doing his “helicopter” impression! Flying up 2 or 3 feet and down again. He must have done this at least 30 times, rising almost vertically and hovering for a second or so before landing and then repeating this every 10 seconds or so. He seemed totally relaxed about me standing quite close to him.

My Roberts’ states “ song sometimes followed by brief prrrr.prrrr wing-rattling flight display above sedges lasting 2-3 seconds.”

I will be interested in your comments about this behaviour.

I could not resist putting out the following 2 photos (also taken by Frank) of a Reed Cormorant and its chicks. Especially seeing the colour of the chicks’ heads.

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