BirdLife Global Partnership Highlights.

This email has been sent to all BirdLife staff and Senior Partnership staff from BirdLife International.

Dear All

Last year was an important one for the BirdLife Partnership.  Our Network grew to cover nearly two thirds of the world’s countries and territories – totalling 120 organisations and growing.

Together, he have done some amazing things towards creating a world where nature and people live in greater harmony, more equitably and sustainably.

I am writing to celebrate just a few 2013 highlights from within our Global Partnership, which you can view here.

To encourage more engagement with our Partnership, we are asking you to select your favourite conservation success of 2013 from our shortlist.   You can do this by using the voting button at the bottom of the news story.

Please share this message within your networks, and encourage people to read our highlights and vote on their favourite.

The poll closes on the 14 February, and we will promote the results with our supporters and on our website soon after that date.

Kind regards


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Chief Executive
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