Pied Babbler in the Kruger?- not!

This photograph of a bird seen in the Kruger has just been sent to me. Apparently it was taken on 17th April 2014. I am trying to get more details as to exactly where it was taken.

I am not confident that this is a Pied Babbler – way out of range according to SABAP 1 and 2 – so I thought I would share it with you. Once I have more details I intend to send it in to ADU as an incidental report if confirmed. Please correct me if I am wrong about its ID.

Pied Babbler?? or Leucistic?
Pied Babbler?? or Leucistic?

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  1. Colin Soper says:

    Leucistic Burchells Starling

  2. Colin Soper says:

    There is a pic of what looks like the same individual on the Facebook group “Birds of the Kruger National Park”

  3. Andre Malherbe says:

    How about a leucistic female Wattled Starling.

  4. Ian A W Macdonald says:

    My guess is that this is a partial albino Black Cuckoo-shrike. Great fun!

  5. Dave Rimmer says:

    I doubt it – looks like a fair amount of leucism involved here. Even the toe nails / claws are white.

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