Oribi Gorge Outing June 15th

The Birdclub’s outing to Oribi Gorge had 10 members attending.  A few having some ‘target’ birds for the day.

Rock pool
Rock pool

We started off by birding in a different area from normal, but as it was along the road the latecomers were able to catch up before we’d gone very far.  It seemed very quiet for Oribi and not much was seen early on, but this picked up after a while and we got great views of many Knysna Turacos and a couple of people got lifers with Mountain Wagtail.

Knysna Turaco
Knysna Turaco

Blue-mantled Flycatchers showed themselves a few times but many birds where hiding in the green foliage.  Apalis’s (two species), White-eyes and Sunbirds were all around and the normally shy Southern Boubou came out of hiding along with Sombre Greenbuls.  We then moved onto the farmlands just above the Gorge and had both species of Longclaw along with African Pipits and a pair of Rock Kestrel’s.

Rock Kestrel
Rock Kestrel

We then went down to the main picnic area for a well-deserved tea break before going along the Hoopoe Falls trail.  While some where still drinking their coffee Dave Rimmer located a juvenile White-starred Robin which didn’t hang around for the others but compensation came in the form of a pair of Cape Batis.

While along the trail an adult Robin was spotted and seen by most (and a lifer for some).  There were quite a few butterflies around including the unusual Dusky-veined Acraea.

Dusky-veined Acraea
Dusky-veined Acraea

Most people had lunch at the picnic spot before departing when the wind picked up.

Sadly although a few were heard calling and one tapped close to the road, the Knysna Woodpecker didn’t show itself on the day – leaving something to go back for.

Four of us stayed for the weekend in the reserve huts and had booked to go to the vulture breeding site on the Monday.  What a treat to have the Cape Vultures flying so close above our heads and to see them on the cliffs.  A Black Stork also joined them for a flyby.

Jenny Norman

Secretarybird in New Germany NR

We saw this bird at New Germany Nature Reserve Sunday 15th June at about 4 pm, up at the top near the fence by the road.  It was right at the top of a tree, other birds didn’t seem worried by it.

It eventually flew, but over the trees, and seemed to go down into the grass.

The only bird we could find that seemed to match was a secretary bird, but we have never seen one in New Germany before, and it is not on their list of birds.

Janet Longman


mystery bird

Amatigulu winter CWAC and birdcount 5 July 2014

Hi everyone,

Please find attached, the details for the Amatigulu winter birding day . We hope to have a boat and a few canoes on the estuary, and those not on the water, will cover the trails. The day will comply with usual CWAC guidelines, however we are running our birdcount concurrently which should end around 12:00pm. Please feel free to join in and participate wherever you can. I will be coordinating the day, so feel free to contact me should you have any queries.

Calvin Harris – 082 552 0252



Umbogavango Sat 7 June 2014

Report Back by Elena Russell

Photos curtesy of Declan Jordan, Rex Aspeling, John Bremner and Dave Rimmer.

Umbogavango in Winter came up trumps – it was a beautiful day and the birding was great as can be seen from the superb pics. There were 19 members & 1 visitor and we broke up into 2 groups – thanks to Ismail for leading the 2nd group.

White-eared Barbets in abundance;

White-eared Barbet
White-eared Barbet
White-eared Barbets
White-eared Barbets

then we had the most lovely views of 6/7 Black Collared Barbets sitting in the top of a fever tree catching the sun (what a great pic!!).  7 Black-collared Barbets (Lybius torquatus)_D714164

Black-collared Barbets
Black-collared Barbets

Maybe not so many water birds as in Summer but Black Crake were seen a number of times as well as a very strange hybrid goose hanging out with a pair of Egyptian Geese and their chicks (any ideas on the lineage?).

Raptors: Black Sparrowhawk, Lanner Falcon, African Fish Eagle and then the piece de resistance a Palm-nut Vulture circling overhead and giving us the most fabulous display – I think we then decided it was a glorious day.

We had a brief glimpse of a Natal Spurfowl; Giant, Malachite & Brown-hooded Kingfishers, Cape, Pied & Mountain Wagtails, plenty of flycatchers and sunbirds and lots, lots more – our count was 74 but a few of us stayed on for another short walk and we had large flocks of Red-back Mannikins and a sole Blacksmith Lapwing flew into sight just as we were leaving making a total count of 76 – not too shabby for a Winter’s morning birding.

The Tapinanthus (kraussianus(?) was flowering on lots of the trees much to the enjoyment of the sunbirds.

Mistletoe - Tapinanthus (kraussianus perhaps)
Mistletoe – Tapinanthus (kraussianus perhaps)
Strangling Tree
Strangling Tree



Krantzkloof Meeting

Hello everyone,

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 10th June at 9.30 a.m. for 10.00 at the Krantzkloof Interpretive Centre.

Our speaker this month will be Gordon Bennett who will be talking, with slides, on his trips to North America.  He and his wife have been many times and he is a very well respected birder who has been  involved in birding for many years and who has birded throughout the world. He is the President of the bird club in Pietermaritzburg, Birdlife K.Z.N. Midlands, which is the club that he founded in 1987, a few years after he emigrated from Edinburgh.

We  look forward to hearing Gordon’s talk and very much hope that you will join us next Tuesday for an entertaining morning.

See you then,

Sarah Burns, Peter & Jenny Spence, Peter Farrington and Tessa White.