The weather report did not look too good for the outing, but 7 of us attended. It was rather windy and chilly and the birds hardly called and they took their time in revealing themselves to a bunch of eager birders.

The total count was about 32. However, this is such a special reserve and I think that we were all pleased just to have a lovely walk. Of special interest was the exotic Mandarin duck which has been there for some time and which I have seen on a few occasions . Standing still on the bank of the dam, it looked very much like a beautiful oriental ceramic ornament! Exotic though it is, he is certainly very handsome!

Peter Spence monitors the reserve once a month and he would like anyone who sees it to please inform him. Gill and I were the last to leave and as we were packing up our coffee flasks we were treated to a pair of African Harrier Hawks displaying over the valley.

Sandi du Preez


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