Vulture Hide – Oribi Gorge

Report on Oribi Gorge Cape Vulture Outing – Monday 16 June by Jenny Norman.

Photographs are courtesy of Fran de Jager.

As a mentioned in my previous post, four of us booked with Andy Ruffle of Birdlife Trogans for the Monday viewing of the Cape Vultures.  Monies raised from this go into conservation.  After meeting him and the other four who were attending, we drove through the cane to an area where we parked and then walked a short distance past the hide (which was sadly destroyed by a veld fire two days later) and then onto the cliffs.  We went to a few different viewing areas looking at the nests and youngsters on the cliff.  When it started to warm up the vultures took to the air and 30-40 of them were flying around us in the updrafts of the cliffs.  It was so wonderful to perch on a rock and watch these wonderful birds flying so close to us.  After a couple of hours viewing it was sadly time to leave and a lone Black Stork joined in for a farewell flight.

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