BLPN and the proposed eThekwini port developments

Please read this report back on the proposed eThekwini port developments. It has been prepared by Arnia van Vuuren.

Arnia has worked tirelessly trying to bring ecological concerns to the forefront. This continues to be a massive task for someone working on her own.

Arnia is backed up in her work on the port by Coast Watch, where Carolyn Schwegman does the work on the EIAs, and shares her findings with Lesley Frescura, Di Dold and Crispin Hemson, as well as a couple of other people.

If there is anyway you can help then please do. Contact Arnia van Vuuren to find out how you can help.

As conservation issues go in eThekwini, there is none bigger than this. The ecological sanctuary of the harbour is at stake.

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