Allen’s Gallinules at Cumberland NR.

Please can you circulate sighting of two Allen’s Gallinule today at +/- midday at the dam at the entrance to Cumberland Nature Reserve, Table Mountain – miles out of range.

Unfortunately no photo but positive sighting re: distinctive call which I imitated for 5 mins before they emerged – two adults and confirmed bill colours. The two were just beyond the “hide” amongst the scorched reeds and side vegetation. Both swam out enabling clear sighting, then panicked and flew to opposite reed bank 60 meters away, disappearing into the growth.

I noted the call and colours but only realized the species when I got home and confirmed notes. If I had known it was the Allen’s Gallinule and out of range, I would have stayed on for photo’s. Perhaps someone will do this asap.

Kind regards,

Norman Freeman

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  1. penelopezq says:

    Hi Norman, May I ask how you differentiated them from Purple Swamphen?

  2. Jenny says:

    Please fill in a rarity form.

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