Pipit for ID

I don’t know if it’s just me being not too good at pipits but I recently discovered that I had misidentified this bird. What do you think it is?

Penny de Vries

Mystery Pipit

Mystery Pipit

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3 Responses to Pipit for ID

  1. penelopezq says:

    It was taken at Tala Game Reserve a few weeks ago in the short grass near the first dam. I thought it was an African Pipit but have been told (on good authority) that it is a Long-billed Pipit; reasons as I understand them are the ‘pot belly’, (African more slender and upright) shorter tibia and pinkish bill. Outer tail feathers are meant to be creamy not white but this is not easy to see in the photo. Also with a lot of dust around, I battle soemtimes to see the difference between cream and white, unless it flies off. Length of bill is not a diagnostic feature. Most pipits have a malar stripe, I think. Some more distinct than others. Any other comments?

  2. mike bridgeford says:

    I think this is an African Pipit. All marking are there – but to confirm you would need a description of what it was doing and where is was found.

  3. Trevor says:

    Hi Penny. Some difficulty with the photo. I think the outer retrices show white? I cannot determine whether the back is plain or spotted. I do think it is an African Pipit due to the breast markings, malar stripe and crown configuration combination. Another factor is the long hind claw which I think is visible …….. Another consideration, where was this taken, and general terrain characteristics? Very difficult to be sure, would like to know the correct identity, and why, if this is known …. we all need to learn. Regards Trevor

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