Save our Seabirds Raffle

It’s that time of the year again when we all try and drum together and raise some much needed funds for the conservation of our country’s seabirds. I have attached an advert giving the details of a raffle which will run in conjunction with the Celebrate our Seas Festival and we hope to be able to raise a worthwhile sum of money that we can hand over to the Seabird Division of BirdLife South Africa to continue the wonderful work that they do.

Save our Seabirds Raffle
Save our Seabirds Raffle

The entries are now officially open, so please consider taking part and purchasing a ticket (or, if finances allow, several of them…!). As you will see, there are some wonderful prizes to be won and, quite possibly, there may even still be further prizes being added to this. If we are able to secure further sponsored prizes, we will announce these a little later on. A very special thank you also to those sponsors that have already confirmed their donations in terms of the prizes!

Please spread this far and wide so that we can reach as many people as possible and let’s all work together to make a worthy contribution to seabird conservation…:)

Kind regards

Trevor Hardaker


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