Mystery Raptor over Mount Moreland

Help please to try to identify the following raptor seen over Mount Moreland from the King Shaka airport – Durban. Photos taken from a mur of a long way a way.

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  1. Richard says:

    im almost certain this is not a snake eagle. The legs are far too yellow for any of our snake eagle species.

    The 2 options I am playing with are, sub adult jackal buzzard to me…. doing the ‘harrier-like’ flight pattern,facing into the wind, with legs dangling, which is typical of the buzzards….

    but it is more likely a juv african harrier hawk. The shape of the head, colouration of the plumage and legs, and dark wing tips all fit for this bird.

  2. Debbie Powell says:

    I agree with Dave, juvenile black-chested Snake Eagle

  3. Greg Noel says:

    The jizz of head-shape, brown eye, yellow sere, pale belly, head & body colour, wing shape with black tips and ill defined underwing trailing border says juv. Forest Buzzard to me.

  4. Dave Rimmer says:

    A long shot for a long shot – juvenile Black-chested Snake Eagle maybe??

  5. Don Hunter says:

    The mystery raptor, from its colouring and crest looks like the Ayres Eagle that was seen in our garden, La Lucia Ridge, in the Norfolk Pine three weeks ago. Some way off its range. Don Hunter

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