Ellingham Estates Outing

Sunday 23 August 2015

The Ellingham Estate outing was really successful with a total of 20 birders enjoying the day. This included a few members of Trogons. We started at a rather overcast 7am which we hoped would lift. It however remained overcast for the day. ​Pity, because this made taking photographs of the birds very difficult because of the lighting

We had decided that we needed an expert that knew the area really well and Tina recommended Sandy Olver from Trogons to lead the walk. This proved to be a really good move.

The first loop (4.75km) produced an impressive 50 birds and ended with a communal breakfast. The highlights of the morning were a Grey Cuckooshrike and and a Golden-tailed Woodpecker.

The second part of the walk were not as productive only adding an additional 10 to our list and giving us a total of 60 which was fantastic considering the time of the year and conditions.

We walked a total of 7.75km and ended with a Braai next to a lovely little river.

Going to Ellingham estate was the late Barry Pullock’s favourite birding site and Tina and I had decided to celebrate our birding friend by arranging this outing for all his birding friends.

Barry left his book collection to Tina Haine. She generously decided to donate the collection to the group that attended the walk in Barry’s remembrance. Tina’s generosity knows no bounds and those who took a book or CD will certainly remember Barry in this manner.


Tina Haine– Ellingham Estate arrangements​, Chef extraordinaire and spotting any bird in the distance.

Sandy Olver– Ellingham Estate Guide – Trogons

Dave Rimmer– Bird count

Sandi du Preez and Elena Russell– Tree and Bird experts. That includes lengthy debates which amused me no end. I enclose a picture of the latest debate- Any ideas! Sandi says it is a Ficus Natalensis and a few other say it is an​ Albizia Adianthifolia.

Ficus Natalensis or a​n​ Albizia Adianthifolia or a.n. other

Ficus Natalensis or a​n​ Albizia Adianthifolia or a.n. other

Rex Aspeling

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1 Response to Ellingham Estates Outing

  1. sandi du preez says:

    It was an Albizia, not a Ficus!

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